>The Downfall of George Sherrill

30 Jul


I’m sitting in class hoping the day goes by quicker. I just won (2) Game 1 National League Championship Series tickets to see my Los Angeles Dodgers take on the visiting Philadelphia Phillies.
It’s game time at Chavez Ravine. Dodgers need to win this opening game to have a shot at winning the series. They can’t afford to go down 0-1 against this tough team.
Top of the 8th inning, George Sherrill is coming into the game while the Dodgers are trailing 5-4. Sherrill had a phenomenal season for the Dodgers after being acquired before the deadline last season. He has an ERA of 0.65, 22 strikeouts, and 11 Holds in only 27.2 innings of work. There was no way the Phillies were going to touch him for a run.
Oh was I wrong.

Sherrill walks the first two hitters of the inning and here comes Raul Ibanez. The first pitch to Ibanez is sent over the fence into the Right Field Pavilion. Just like that, the Dodgers trail by 4 runs and couldn’t score enough runs to win the game.
Phillies go on to win the game 8-6 and win the series 4-1. Dodgers never had control of the series.
Fast forward to the 2010 season. Everyone had 5 months to forget about what happened last year and focus on this upcoming season.
In the very first game of the season, Sherrill comes out of the pen looking nervous. The Pittsburgh Pirates score 3 runs forcing Sherrill out of the game after retiring only 2 men in his 2010 debut.
For the past month, every time Sherrill comes into a close game it feels like the Dodgers are throwing in the towel. I know I’m not the only person who feels this way. He only has 2 holds and 12 strikeouts this season. His ERA is currently at 7.23 and he’s not the same pitcher the Dodgers acquired last season.
The Dodgers offense has been horrendous since the All-Star break and that didn’t change today. They were facing the 1st place San Diego Padres in an important game. A loss sends the Dodgers 7 games back while a victory gets them to only 5 games back.
It’s the bottom of the 9th inning, with the scored tied 2-2. The Dodgers weren’t doing anything against the Padres pen but neither were the Padre hitters against the Dodgers pen. That all changed once Joe Torre inserted Sherrill into the game.
My brother was not happy and said, “Broxton needs to pitch this ninth. Forget about saves and worry about trying to win games.”
Turns out he was right. Sherrill quickly gave up a single to Scott Hairston who was sacrificed over by Tony Gwynn Jr. in the very next AB. That is the only player that Sherrill retired.
The Padres put in Oscar Salazar to pinch hit and with a 3-2 count, Sherrill throws a fastball down the plate. Salazar pokes it into center field, allowing Hairston to score from second. Padres win the game and give Sherrill his second loss of the season.
It’s time the Dodgers do something with Sherrill. It’s obviously not doing him or the team any good by continuing to put him out there when the game is on the line. Send him down to the minors and hopefully he can get back to 09’ form when he was lights out. I’m not pleased with his performance this season and i’m sure i speak for most if not all Dodger fans around the world.

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