>MLB 1st Round Predictions

06 Oct


Texas Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Rays
This matchup should be exciting throughout the entire series. I just don’t think the Rangers have the pitching to keep up with the Rays. They have Cliff Lee, but he’s been on/off this season and David Price has been a Cy Young candidate all year for the Rays. Josh Hamilton will be back in the lineup so that should give them the edge with the lineup. Everyone knows that pitching usually wins championships these days.
Prediction: Rays in 5
New York Yankees vs. Minnesota Twins
The Yankees are just better than the Twins in every aspect of the game. Mariano Rivera is still in the bullpen closing out games. Alex Rodriguez finally figured out how to hit in the playoffs last season and with the same core of guys from their championship run last season, it’s just the obvious choice. The twins won’t have Justin Morneau and went into the playoffs struggling.
Prediction: Yankees in 4
Cincinnati Reds vs. Philadelphia Phillies
The Phillies’ pitching rotation has to be the best coming into the postseason. With the Roy’s as the 1, 2 punch it’s going to be difficult to beat this team. Their lineup is all healthy again and they’ve been to the World Series the past 2 seasons. Reds haven’t been in the playoffs since the early 90s and they lack the experience. I wouldn’t be surprised with a sweep but I’ll give the Reds a game.
Prediction: Phillies in 4
San Francisco Giants vs. Atlanta Braves
There are two teams that haven’t been to the playoffs in a couple of years facing off in the first round. It’s a great story to see Bobby Cox make the playoffs for the final time in his career. With the comeback player of the year, Tim Hudson, pitching in the 3rd game of the series, it could be a problem. He won’t be able to pitch twice in the series if it goes 5 games. The Giants have a phenomenal rotation that most haven’t heard of. These should be all low scoring games this series but exciting nonetheless.
Prediction: Braves in 5

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