>UCLA Bruins @ #2 Oregon Ducks Preview

21 Oct


Thursday Night Primetime Game:
UCLA Bruins @ #2 Oregon Ducks (ESPN 6 P.M. PST)

Which Bruins will show up for this match-up? They haven’t played well against any Pac-10 opponents this season. They had a 14 point victory over Washington St. but that was a close game until late 4th quarter.

Almost a month ago, the Bruins shocked the nation with a 34-12 upset on the road against Texas, who were ranked #7 at the time. This was the second week in a row they defeated a top 25 ranked team. But it all came crashing down when the Bruins faced off against the California Bears. They were throttled 35-7, giving the Bruins their second worst lost of the season.

The Oregon Ducks come into this game undefeated with an overall record of 6-0 and conference record of 3-0. They Ducks offense hasn’t been stopped all season and don’t expect anything different tonight. They are averaging 54.3 points per game which is best in the entire nation.

The Bruins are having a tough time scoring any points this season. Their running game has been amazing so far but if the Ducks can control the backfield, it will be a long game. Their passing game is ranked last and Kevin Prince is probably going to miss the game because of a sore knee. Expect Richard Brehaut, 19 year old sophomore, to start in his place.

For the Bruins to have a chance for another upset, Akeem Ayers needs to step up on the defensive side and Johnathan Franklin has to run all over the Ducks defense.

Make sure to tune in and watch!


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