>2010-2011 Best Laker Season Ever?

01 Nov

>I know it’s very early in the season, but after watching their first 3 games….. it made me wonder.

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Is it possible for this 2010-2011 Laker team to break the 72 wins record that the Bulls set in 95-96 or can they break the 33-game win streak set by the Lakers in 71-72?

We won’t really know until January comes around. How will this team play against the Heat, Celtics, or Thunder? They also have the fewest back-to-back games this season. (15)

It’s most likely Phil Jackson’s last season… why not make it a memorable one?

The Lakers finally have a bench that know what they are doing (except for Sasha). No more Farmar shooting brinks from downtown  and Sasha is getting less playing time. Lakers made some key additions to the team in the off-season.

Adding Steve Blake and Matt Barnes have been great pick-ups so far this season.

Fisher is getting up there in age and hasn’t been able to keep up with the young point guards like Aaron Brooks, so it’s Steve Blake’s job to contain the opposing PG. Fisher is definitely a big time playoff guy, so i’m not too concerned with how he does during the season. Blake can hit that big 3 when the Lakers need it.

Matt Barnes reminds me of Ron Artest. Both play excellent defense and hustle to get every loose ball on the court. I love the energy that Barnes brings onto the court and Artest’s defense is still one of the best in the NBA.

It’s obvious that Shannon Brown worked on his outside shooting this off-season. He’s shooting .522 from the field and averaging over 2 steals per game (2nd on the team behind Ron-Ron).

The one guy that has been playing the best this season is Lamar Odom. Mr. Double-Double in all 3 games and even had 17 rebounds on Friday in Phoenix. Once Andrew Bynum returns to the lineup, Odom’s numbers will probably decrease but he’s making the best of his playing time right now.

Pau Gasol is showcasing why he’s an elite big man. He’s scoring at will under the basket and averages 25.6 points per game. Gasol also leads the Lakers in assists and is the best passing center in the league today.

Kobe’s numbers are down but he’s still having fun out there. He’s second on the team in scoring and assist. The only problem with him right now is that he’s still forcing up shots. When you have a supporting cast like Kobe does, it’s not a bad thing to find a better option, but that’s Kobe for you. As long as the Lakers are winning, Kobe will be a happy man.

Kobe says his knee is 100% and stop worrying about him. I’m with Phil on this one and still think Kobe needs some time to rest those injuries, but that won’t happen.

Injury Report
Bynum is expected to return after Thanksgiving and Luke Walton is set to return tomorrow. I want Bynum’s presence back in the lineup.

Can’t wait to see how the rest of the 3-Peat Journey plays out…



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