>Kobe Takes Role As Grinch This Christmas

23 Nov

>Wade, Lebron, Bosh and the rest of the “great” Heat team are coming to Staples Center this Christmas to play against the Los Angeles Lakers. At the beginning of the season, this match-up was one you wouldn’t want to miss. But now that we’re a month into the season, the Heat aren’t who we thought they were. They are struggling against mediocre teams and have a record of (8-6).

It’s a new role for Kobe and the Lakers as they will most likely be the fan favorites to win this game across the world. No matter what record the Heat have when Christmas comes around, everyone will still be tuning in to this game to watch Kobe, Gasol, Wade and Lebron.
The Los Angeles Lakers will appear in their 12th straight Christmas Day appearance.

There will be one difference with Kobe on this special day. He’ll be wearing these “Grinch” shoes when he steps on the court.

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I think these are hideous but if you want a pair for yourself then head over to These can be yours for only $259.99


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