>Sasha Vujacic Traded To Nets

15 Dec


I have been waiting for this news for a long time and it has finally arrived. Christmas has arrived early this year.

Vujacic and Farmar can certainly help that young Nets team. Give them great insight about what it’s like to be on the bench during championship years.

It was pretty obvious that the Lakers were going to trade Sasha because of his expiring contract. This deal takes $9.24 million of the books. {Link}

Here’s the full trade:

The New Jersey Nets have traded Terrence Williams to the Houston Rockets in a three-way deal that will land them Los Angeles Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic and a pair of first-round draft picks, sources confirmed to


Lakers also receive Joe Smith. He’s a former #1 pick and the Lakers will be his 12th team. Smith will be getting some playing time to help Bynum and Gasol.

I’m just happy I don’t have to watch Sasha miss wide open jumpshots with 21 seconds left on the shot clock.

Deal can’t be finalized until December 15th.


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