>Possible NFL Teams To Relocate To Los Angeles

21 Dec


Who would you want to come to Los Angeles if a group builds the NFL stadium in downtown Los Angeles?{LA Stadium Designs}

There are a couple of teams that might relocate to Los Angeles in a couple of years if the stadium is built. I want to focus on which players would make it exciting to go watch a game in Los Angeles.

Buffalo Bills – They don’t really have any young players that stand out, which is one of the reasons they haven’t been relevant for a long time. I wouldn’t want them, so Toronto can have them.

Detroit Lions – Calvin Johnson Jr and Matthew Stafford could be a deadly combo if Stafford can stay healthy. They are a very young team with a sign of only getting better.

Jacksonville Jaguars – A lot of UCLA fans would be happy to see the return of Maurice Jones-Drew and Marcedes Lewis. Both played college at UCLA and are two reasons why the Jaguars are currently tied for 1st-place.

Minnesota Vikings – If the Vikings do relocate, they will have a stadium that won’t collapse on them. Also they might have a new QB instead of Brett Favre. Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice can make a lethal offense.

Oakland Raiders – The Raiders have been here before but since Al Davis couldn’t get a brand new stadium they moved back to Oakland. They have a young core on offense and defense including Darren McFadden and Nnamdi Asomugha.

San Diego Chargers – Probably the most reasonable choice to relocate. They are already in the area and it wouldn’t mess up the alignment of the divisions again. Phillip Rivers makes any receiver look good no matter who they are and with Antonio Gates in the lineup, it’s tough to stop this team.

St. Louis Rams – Along with the Raiders, the Rams already have a large fan base in Los Angeles since they played here before. Sam Bradford could be something special if he can get some players to throw at. Their defense has some nice pieces including James Laurinaitis and Chris Long.

Please don’t bring a Raiders team owned by Al Davis.
Who would you want?


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