>Lakers Blow Out Pistons

05 Jan


Lakers (24-11) vs. Pistons (11-24)

Now these are the Lakers I’m use to watching.

First quarter, they moved the ball around and got open shots. Kobe struggled by missing all 9 shots and only scored 1 point. He had 5 assists though. Andrew Bynum had a quick 8 points but was in foul trouble for the rest of the half.

The Lakers didn’t have a single turnover in the first quarter and ended the half with only two.

The Lakers came out firing to start the second half with a 15-2 run. Kobe also passed Dominique Wilkins for 10th All-Time on the scoring list with an easy bucket under the rim. {Story}

Lakers ran away with the game in the 3rd quarter. They extended their 3-point lead to 17. Headed into the fourth quarter leading 76-59.

Key Numbers:
26,671 career points for Kobe Bryant {10th on All-Time List}
21 points for Pau Gasol 
8 assists for Kobe Bryant
2 Lakers turnover in the first half

1 technical foul on Luke Walton

Box Score: Lakers 108 Pistons 83

Picture Credit: Getty Images


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