>Lakers Lose To Struggling Mavericks

20 Jan


Lakers (31-13) vs. Mavericks (27-14)

Mavericks were on a 6 game losing streak and the Lakers had just won 8 of 9 games. Both teams didn’t play like they have the past 2 weeks.

Great first quarter for the Lakers. Fisher had 7 points and helped give the Lakers an 8 point lead at the end of the quarter. Tyson Chandler went out of the game in the first half due to sickness. Really hurt the Mavericks in the middle and allowed Bynum/Gasol to get a lot of easy buckets in the paint.

The Dallas Mavericks started the game 0-7 from the 3-point line, which quickly put them in a whole. But in the second quarter, they made a 10-0 run to take the lead with 2 minutes left in the half. Lakers responded with a 7-2 run to end the quarter and take a 56-52 lead into the half.

With 37.7 seconds left in the first half, Pau Gasol made a hook shot that gave him 13,000 points for his career. Pau had 17 points at half.

Tyson Chandler returned at halftime despite having the flu. Jason Kidd was on a hot streak in the 3rd quarter. The Lakers had no answer for him and he kept hitting open shots. It didn’t help that the Lakers had 7 turnovers in the third quarter which allowed the Mavericks to regain the lead.

The Lakers stopped playing defense in the final 2 minutes of the third quarter. Mavericks went into the fourth quarter leading 82-73.

The Mavericks extended their lead to 16 within the first 6 minutes of the fourth quarter.  The Lakers couldn’t recover from the deficit.

The Lakers lose this game because of bench play. No one except Lamar Odom produced off the bench. 

Kobe finished the game with 21 points and 10 assists. Lamar added 20 of his own, with 14 of them coming in the fourth quarter.

Andrew Bynum went out in the fourth quarter after he hyper extended his right elbow.

Key Numbers:
13,000+ career points for Pau Gasol
17 straight games Andrew Bynum has recorded a block
10 assists for Kobe Bryant 
7 third quarter Laker turnovers

Box Score: Lakers 100 Mavericks 109

Picture Credit: AP


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