>2011 NBA All-Star Roster Predictions

25 Jan


The 2011 NBA All-Star Starters will be announced live on TNT on Jan. 27, during a special one-hour pregame show at 7 P.M. ET with Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith.

Well here are my predictions for the 12 spots for the Western Conference All-Stars. Since Yao Ming won’t be able to play, I’m hoping they just move Gasol to start at Center.

Western Conference
PG – Chris Paul
SG – Kobe Bryant
SF – Carmelo Anthony
PF – Kevin Durant
C – Pau Gasol
Bench – Lamar Odom
Bench – Kevin Love
Bench – Blake Griffin
Bench – Manu Ginobli
Bench – Dirk Nowitzki
Bench – Russell Westbrook
Bench – Deron Williams

Eastern Conference
PG – Derrick Rose
SG – Dwyane Wade
SF – LeBron James
PF – Amar’e Stoudimare
C – Dwight Howard
Bench – Kevin Garnett
Bench – Rajon Rondo
Bench – Raymond Felton
Bench – Al Horford
Bench – Danny Granger
Bench – Andrew Bogut
Bench – Joe Johnson

There needs to be more roster spots added. 12 spots isn’t enough since there are now 15 teams in each conference.

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