>2011 Super Bowl Prop Bets

31 Jan


Super Bowl XLV Prop Bets

I was looking through all of the prop bets that gambling sites were allowing bets on. There are some weird bets that are only used for Super Bowl since it’s the biggest game of the year.

I picked out some bets that were unusual.

1. Who will the winning coach of the game thank 1st?  They also had this same bet for the MVP of the game.

2. First punt of the game.

3. Cross-Sports. You can bet on the Super Bowl and other sports happening on the same day. (NBA, Golf)

4. What will Fergie be wearing 1st appearance?

5. Which way will the first missed field goal travel?

6. Color of the Gatorade that’s used on the Winning Head Coach. You can also bet who performs the dumping.

7. President Obama’s pick to win the game.
8. Do you believe any NFL players will be arrested during Super Bowl weekend? You can bet on that.

9. For those commercial lovers, you can bet on which commercial has the Highest Rating on USA Today’s annual Ad Meter. (More choices available than pictured)

10. National Anthem. Will Christina Aguilera sing Over/Under 1:56? Also if you believe she’ll be wearing a Cowboys hat, there’s a bet for that.

If you are going to make any of these bets, let me know. I’m curious to see if anyone place these bets. Also if there are other unusual bets, let me know and i’ll add them.

Good Luck and win some money!

Picture Credit: BetUs


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