>Ron Artest Mixtape And Sneaker Coming All-Star Weekend

03 Feb


Ron Artest will be releasing his mixtape and new sneaker during All-Star Weekend.

From HipHopGame:

Ron Artest is not letting the grueling NBA season get in the way of his recording career, as he’s been prepping a star-studded mixtape to prepare fans for his next album.
The lead single off the mixtape, “Go Loco,” features comedian George Lopez, B-Real, Fat Joe and Down. The follow-up single, “Peanut Butter,” features Ray J, Lil’ B, YG and Sheff La.

The mixtape will also serve as promotion for Artest’s new sneaker, in stores February 18th.

The Ballin mixtape is not all Ron’s got in store for All-Star Weekend. He’s also planning on throwing a party every day of the weekend and donating over $50,000 to charities.

Artest will also be speaking to Congress on February 17th about the importance of mental health awareness.

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