>First Look – Nación ESPN

10 Feb


I had the opportunity to visit the brand new set of Nación ESPN.

Nación ESPN will premiere on ESPN Deportes Monday, Feb. 14 at 7 p.m. PT/10 p.m. ET.

Hosted by ESPN Deportes’ charismatic Adriana Monsalve (former anchor of SportsCenter) and legendary Mexican sports journalist, David Faitelson (Cronómetro, Fútbol Picante), this will be ESPN Deportes’ first show based out of the Los Angeles studios. The show is modeled after ESPN’s Emmy-award winning program, SportsNation. The show is completely fueled by fan interaction and brings together the best of the entertainment world of Los Angeles and the best of sports. 

The Hosts

I had an opportunity to chat with both Adriana Mondalve and David Faitelson during my visit. They were both excited and grateful to start on this new project for ESPN Deportes. They mentioned that their biggest challenge will be working with each other since they have never done anything like Nación ESPN. This would be the first time David has worked with a female co-host on air.

The Set

They have a brand new state of the art set at L.A. Live that features the latest in technology so that sports fans’ comments and opinions are interwoven throughout the program via social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, telephone calls and polls. 

The Touch Screen and 2 Manikins (One in a Barcelona jersey)
  The main desk
 This is where they will bring there guest that visit the show
The Touch Screen where they will have ‘Gametime’
 The audience section for the backstage workers
 The interactive video screen

The show will also present special daily guests from big celebrities to athletes or local L.A. personalities. I was informed that José Manuel de la Torre{Head Coach of Mexico’s National Soccer Team} and Beto Cuevas{Singer} are among some of the guest that will appear on Nación ESPN.

For more information, please visit:
Follow Nación ESPN @Nacion_ESPN –!/Nacion_ESPN

Special thanks to Brenda for giving me the opportunity to visit the set and meet the hosts.

Picture Credit: Anthony Reynoso


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