>NBA Jam Session – Part 3

22 Feb


Here are my other post from Jam Session:
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NBA D-League Call-Up Court
Allowed fans to participate in games and even gave away cool prizes.

Gatorade Activity Court
Gatorade Invitational Jam Session Tournament: Local Los Angeles middle school basketball teams play in the annual girls and boys Gatorade Invitational Jam Session Tournament.

NBA Fit Arena
Helping millions of kids, adults and families in being more physically active and healthy.

Slam Dunk Courts
Allowed fans to test their dunk skills on 7′, 8′, 9′ or 10′ hoops. Although I did see a couple of people shooting free throws since they couldn’t reach the rim.

Taco Bell Skills Challenge
Enjoyed watching Stephen Curry win the Saturday Night Skills Challenge? Well there was an opportunity for fans to test their own skills. They even gave away free tacos each day.

Team Matchups
 A fun game to play against a friend or family member. Match the basketballs to the logos shown on the racks. Whoever has the most matched in 45 seconds wins!

  Hoop Challenge
Arcade style game with three baskets. The goal is to make the basket when the green light is lit up or else the basketball won’t cant. I was in first place with 34 points throughout the day but when I went back to check, I had dropped to 3rd place. The person with the most points at the end of each day won a free autographed basketball.

 EA Sports NBA Jam Remix Zone
BOOMSHAKALAKA! There were gaming tournaments, free haircuts and a photo shoot. They were even giving away Kevin Durant shoes along with the game for your gaming console.

Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy Display
Take a picture with the 5 Lakers Championship Trophies.

A couple more post about Jam Session tomorrow.

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