>NBA Jam Session – Part 4

22 Feb


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State Farm Scratch Center
One of the best areas at Jam Session. NBA Team DJs taught fans the art of DJ’ing and had special guest appearance from NBA players like Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. There was another photoshoot for fans.

HP Digital Playground
 They allowed fans to play the HP Game On mobile scavenger hunt and experience the latest in HP technology. Fans created free HP avatars and watch the NBA in 3D.

Another one of my favorite booths at Jam Session. They were handing out free packs of Adrenalyn XL while teaching fans about the exciting new online trading card game. Stephen Curry and Wesley Johnson stopped by to play against the fans and they even signed autographs.

Naismith International Basketball Foundation & Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame
Gave fans an opportunity to learn and see the history of the NBA.

 USA Basketball
Memorabilia from the FIBA World Championships and the Olympic Games.

 USA Basketball Ring

 Olympic Ring


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