>Mailday: May 19th

20 May

>I’ve been waiting a week for this package to arrive. I’m glad it finally came because I can add another Blake Griffin game used to my collection. His stuff is selling pretty good right now and I only had to trade away a couple Laker game used for it.

2010-11 Panini Classics Membership Blake Griffin #354/499
I really like the design of the card. It looks like a membership card you would get at a gym. It has the Member’s Name at the bottom right and his jersey number above the red jersey piece.
The package also included two other cards. One for my wrestling collection and the other is trade bait.

2010 Topps WWE Platinum The Miz 
The picture features The Miz punching John Cena. 
2010-11 Panini Classics Prime Dress Code Brook Lopez (3-Color) #12/25
I like the 3 color jersey piece on this Lopez and there are only 25 made, which is always a good thing. The design of the card is pretty simple, nothing really going on with the background.

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