>Kendry Morales Bobblehead Night

01 Jun


Last week, I went to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim game. It was my second time going to see a game there and it was also the second time I witnessed the Oakland Athletics defeat the Angels.

David DeJesus hit 2 home runs off of Dan Haren. Athletics won the game 6-1.

The Angels were giving away Kendry Morales bobbleheads and since he’s a switch hitter, they gave away two different ones. (He’s still injured from that walk-off grand slam he hit last year)

At Dodger Stadium, they scan all of your tickets and give you a bobblehead for each ticket stub. In Anaheim, they make you exit the stadium and go through the usher again. Which is stupid and a waste of time.

The usher who took my first ticket stub gave me a heads up and told me to enter through another entrance because all of the Morales were the same in one location.

Thanks to her, I was able to grab both bobbleheads without the hassle of trying to trade with someone else.

Here they are:

 That’s the leg he broke! {Watch Here}

I really like that there was 2 different bobbleheads. The heads are looking in different directions and each one is wearing a different jersey.

I’ll probably head over to Anaheim for the Dan Haren one at the end of June.


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