>Mailday: June 27

28 Jun


I haven’t added anything to my Joe Johnson collection in a while. Within the last week, there were 4 new cards on ebay that I needed.

The first card is from 2009-10 Absolute Memorabilia. Only 10 of these were produced and I won the auction at the last minute. I have two other versions of this card that are both numbered to 25. {Image 1} {Image 2}


The next patch is a 3-color patch. It’s also my third patch from the same product. All of these are numbered to 49. You can view the other two relics {Image 1} {Image 2}


Upper Deck basketball are harder to find since Upper Deck lost their license and Panini are coming out with so many products. One seller had two cards that contained Joe Johnson on it and I was able to combine shipping for both cards. The first one is numbered to 25 and the second one is numbered to 99. Both cards consist of Josh Smith, Joe Johnson and Josh Childress. Childress is the only one that is no longer on the Atlanta Hawks.


Joe Johnson Collection


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