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>Player & Celebrity Appearances At NBA Jam Session


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I was fortunate enough to win some free tickets for the 2011 NBA Jam Session. Thanks ESPN Radio!
Eric Gordon 
He was very nice. I also met him a couple days later at Wal-Mart.

Got another picture as he was being escorted out.

Here’s the photo he was signing for fans that didn’t have an item.

There were 2 Clipper Fan Patrol Girls sitting on each side of him, Julie handed me this photo.

After the Eric Gordon, I headed over to the Autograph Stage.

4 Laker Girls were signing, while the others were at the Lakers Team Photo taking pictures with fans.

Each of them signed this photo.

The following day, I went back to meet Andrew Bynum, Kevin Love, and Shannon Brown.
Andrew Bynum & Norm Nixon
I knew Bynum was scheduled to be at the Fox Sports Booth, so I headed there about 20 minutes early. I was probably the 15th person in line. Norm Nixon showed up to have a Q&A session with Andrew Bynum and they let the fans ask questions. Andrew talked about his new workout DVD that just came out.


The Q&A lasted about 20 minutes and then Bynum began the autograph signing.

 If you didn’t have an item for Andre Bynum to sign, Fox Sports had a small paper.

Kevin Love
When I was finished, I ran over to the Kevin Love line. They closed it off about 5 minutes after I arrived. Kevin Love showed up 30 minutes late but still got through the entire line.

 When Shannon Brown arrived, it was Kevin Love’s queue to leave. He thanked all the fans for coming out.


Here’s the autograph photo

Shannon Brown
They didn’t start the Shannon Brown line until 5 minutes before he was scheduled to show-up. I was lucky enough to get in before they closed it. Right before he signed autographs, the MC had Shannon go around and greet the fans. He didn’t want to do it.

They didn’t allow any pictures with Shannon and he had my photo already signed when I went up to the table. I wasn’t able to talk with him like I did with all the other athletes.

 Here’s the autograph photo

Brent Barry
Earlier in the day, Brent Barry was at the 710 ESPN Radio booth doing an interview with Mason & Ireland. He talked about the dunk contest and the Lakers sturggles going into the all-star break.

Tina Thompson
The last autograph I got was Tina Thompson from the Los Angeles Sparks. She didn’t like my UCLA hat.

Throughout the weekend, I caught a glimpse of a couple of current and ex players.
A.C. Green (Lakers) & Paul George (Pacers)

Paul George (Pacers)

 John Salley (Lakers)

 Katie Smith (Mystics)

Al Horford (Hawks)

 Chris Paul (Hornets)
Chris Paul stopped by the State Farm Scratch Center. He was showing off his DJ skills and interacting with the fans.

 Before the Power 106 Celebrity Basketball game, Jim Hill from CBS was there running a clinic for the kids.

 After he was finished, he began throwing free stuff to the fans in the stands. I caught one of the t-shirts.

After the Power 106 Celebrity Basketball game ended, some of the celebrities came over to my section to sign autographs. My younger sister took a picture with Baby Bash, Nick Cannon and Paul Wall. I didn’t have anything for them to sign, so I wasn’t able to get their autographs.
Baby Bash

 Nick Cannon

  Paul Wall

It was a great experience and I can’t wait for the next Jam Session to return.


>NBA Jam Session – Part 4


Here are my other post from Jam Session:
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State Farm Scratch Center
One of the best areas at Jam Session. NBA Team DJs taught fans the art of DJ’ing and had special guest appearance from NBA players like Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. There was another photoshoot for fans.

HP Digital Playground
 They allowed fans to play the HP Game On mobile scavenger hunt and experience the latest in HP technology. Fans created free HP avatars and watch the NBA in 3D.

Another one of my favorite booths at Jam Session. They were handing out free packs of Adrenalyn XL while teaching fans about the exciting new online trading card game. Stephen Curry and Wesley Johnson stopped by to play against the fans and they even signed autographs.

Naismith International Basketball Foundation & Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame
Gave fans an opportunity to learn and see the history of the NBA.

 USA Basketball
Memorabilia from the FIBA World Championships and the Olympic Games.

 USA Basketball Ring

 Olympic Ring


>NBA Jam Session – Part 3


Here are my other post from Jam Session:
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NBA D-League Call-Up Court
Allowed fans to participate in games and even gave away cool prizes.

Gatorade Activity Court
Gatorade Invitational Jam Session Tournament: Local Los Angeles middle school basketball teams play in the annual girls and boys Gatorade Invitational Jam Session Tournament.

NBA Fit Arena
Helping millions of kids, adults and families in being more physically active and healthy.

Slam Dunk Courts
Allowed fans to test their dunk skills on 7′, 8′, 9′ or 10′ hoops. Although I did see a couple of people shooting free throws since they couldn’t reach the rim.

Taco Bell Skills Challenge
Enjoyed watching Stephen Curry win the Saturday Night Skills Challenge? Well there was an opportunity for fans to test their own skills. They even gave away free tacos each day.

Team Matchups
 A fun game to play against a friend or family member. Match the basketballs to the logos shown on the racks. Whoever has the most matched in 45 seconds wins!

  Hoop Challenge
Arcade style game with three baskets. The goal is to make the basket when the green light is lit up or else the basketball won’t cant. I was in first place with 34 points throughout the day but when I went back to check, I had dropped to 3rd place. The person with the most points at the end of each day won a free autographed basketball.

 EA Sports NBA Jam Remix Zone
BOOMSHAKALAKA! There were gaming tournaments, free haircuts and a photo shoot. They were even giving away Kevin Durant shoes along with the game for your gaming console.

Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy Display
Take a picture with the 5 Lakers Championship Trophies.

A couple more post about Jam Session tomorrow.

>Power 106 Celebrity Basketball Game


Today while I was at NBA Jam Session, Music DJs Big Boy and DJ E-Man from radio station POWER 106 faced off against a celebrity all-star team featuring Nick Cannon, Paul Wall, and Asher Roth on Center Court. 
Here are the team introductions:
Power 106 Team 
(Kareem Abdul Jabbar Jr. was introduced first)
Celebrity Team
I got there a little early and scored front row seats. The game was exciting from beginning to end. A couple dunks that had the crowd going crazy. The Power 106 team won the game 79-73.
Asher Roth
 Baby Bash
Asher Roth 
 Baby Bash
 Celebrity Team
 Celebrity Team
 Power106 Team
 Nick Cannon
 Nick Cannon
 Big Boy (He switched teams)
  Power 106 Team

Nick Cannon, Paul Wall, Baby Bash, New Boys and DJ Felli Fel signed autographs for the fans in the stands after the game ended.


>NBA Jam Session – Part 2


Here are my other post from Jam Session:

Here’s the Jam Session Map Layout:

Click to make larger 
Cartoon Network
One of the main sections for the kids was Cartoon Network. Kids could shoot hoops while jumping on a mega-trampoline. There was also a section for kids to draw their favorite cartoon characters. Kids could also have their face be on the cover of CN Hall of Game.
Kids Zone
Kids had the opportunity to jump around in bouncers, dunk on mini-hoops and play boardwalk games.

Clippers & Lakers Fan Center
Take pictures with a life-size photo of the Clippers or Lakers. They even had locker rooms where fans could take pictures in front of their favorite players locker.
Fox Sports Fantasy Play-by-Play
 Interactive booth where fans showcase their play-by-play skills by putting their own commentary to favorite Lakers and Clippers plays. Complete with commentator desk, backdrop, lights, camera, and action!
Picture Collage – They had touch screens where fans could scroll through all the pictures that made up LA11. 
Power 106 – They are hosting a celebrity game on Monday featuring Nick Cannon, Paul Wall, and members of Far East Movement.

 More coming tomorrow night.