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>Lakers’ 5 Straight Losses & Playoff Seeding Still Not Set


What’s Going On?

Lakers lost their 5th game in a row last night. It was the first time in the Pau Gasol era.

Game 1: Nuggets 95 Lakers 90
Game 2: Jazz 86 Lakers 85
Game 3: Warriors 95 Lakers 87
Game 4: Blazers 93 Lakers 86
Game 5: Thunder 120 Lakers 106

Lakers couldn’t even get close to 100 points in any of their first 4 games of the streak. But when they finally find their offense, they don’t play defense on the other end. It’s frustrating watching these games at home knowing they should be capable of blowing some of these teams out.

I’m not worried at all by this current losing streak. They just won 17 of 18 before this skid, plus it’s not the playoffs yet. If they continue to play like this, then they won’t be making it out of the first round.

Kevin Ding from the OC Register posted a story last night about 5 problems the Lakers currently have.

1. Andrew & Lamar. (Sorry, Khloe.)
End-game situations are more important than anything in the NBA playoffs. It’s not required that the Lakers play the same five guys to finish games, but there is a comfort level for a team to know which is your best crew for closing. 

2. Andrew & the Killer B’s.
As much sense as it makes to reward Bynum’s diligent defensive play by putting him out there for offensive opportunities with the Lakers’ second unit (when Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol are not on the floor), it hasn’t worked real well lately. 

3. Shannon Brown is still going down.
Brown’s sharp start to the season feels like eons ago. He has regressed in every way, and if there had been signs this was coming, maybe the Lakers wouldn’t have been so eager to dump Sasha Vujacic’s attitude and salary. 

4. Bombs away … way, way away.
The Lakers are not even an average 3-point shooting team. They are at 35.3 percent, 18th best in the 30-team NBA. When Odom (39.3 percent) is your best 3-point shooter, as was the case until Derek Fisher (39.4) recently nosed ahead of him, you know it’s a problem. 

5. The power of intimidation.
The Lakers chose to take a breather here before needing to summon their playoff intensity. It is going to cost them meeting Jackson’s stated goal of bettering their 57-victory season a year ago – the best this team can do is match it by winning the last two games – and probably home-court advantage against both Chicago and Miami in potential NBA Finals.

Playoff Picture

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If Lakers/Mavericks tie at the end of the regular season. Lakers hold tiebreaker.

If Lakers/Thunder tie at the end of the regular season. Lakers hold tiebreaker.
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If Lakers/Celtics tie at the end of the regular season and meet up in the finals. Lakers hold tiebreaker.

If Lakers/Heat tie at the end of the regular season and meet up in the Finals. Heat hold tiebreaker.
To sum it all up, Lakers must win against the Spurs on Tuesday and the Kings on Wednesday.

(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)


>Clippers End The Heat’s Longest Road Streak Ever


Exciting from beginning to end.

The Clippers have won 8 out of their last 11 games. They are trying to make a push for the playoffs. Eric Gordon and Blake Griffin have been impressive the entire season. It seems that they are pushing their teammates to play better and they might have a shot to take that last spot in the playoffs.

The Heat came into Staples Center with the longest road win streak this season, 13. Well that changed tonight when the Clippers upset the Heat.

Clippers came out ready to play and scored 44 points in the first quarter, the most points in one quarter against the Heat this year. This was also the most points in a quarter for the Clippers since 1989.

Blake Griffin hasn’t slowed down all season. He had 24 points with 14 rebounds and 6 assists. This was Blake’s 24th straight double-double. Eric Gordon scored 26 of his own and even Baron Davis had a nice game with 20 points and 9 assists.

Last night after the Lakers embarrassed the Cavaliers at Staples Center, Lebron tweeted:

Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!

Well, something happened to Lebron in the fourth quarter that would  have people saying “karma” bit him in the butt. While driving to the basket, Lebron twisted his ankle. It didn’t look pretty and maybe next time he’ll think twice about what he tweets.

Shoutout to the Clippers for protecting that Lakers’ NBA record road winning streak. (16 by ’71-72 squad)

Box Score: Clippers 111 Heat 105

Picture Credit: AP


>LeBron Grinch Defeats Lakers For Second Straight Year On Christmas


It was ugly the entire game.

Lakers lost for the second straight year on Christmas Day. Both games came against Lebron.

Good thing it’s only December and this game has no impact on how teams play in the playoffs. It would of been nice to beat the “Big 3” and the Heat.

Miami Heat can out shooting the entire game and the Lakers couldn’t recover. The Heat’s biggest lead of the game, 16, came in the 4th quarter.

Kobe struggled from the field only shooting 6-for-16 for 17 points. And Pau Gasol didn’t help with his worst first half of his career with the Lakers. He was 3-for-11 in the first half and finished 8-for-17 with 17 points.

The Big 3 combined for 69 points and Lebron had his 31st career Triple-Double.

Too bad Lebron can’t perform like this in the playoffs or else he’d have a championship.

The second straight blowout at home this week for the Lakers. Phil Jackson will fix this before the playoffs start. Do Not Panic!

Box Score: Lakers 80 Heat 96

Picture Credit: AP


>Merry Christmas


I just want to wish all my readers a

Merry Christmas!

Let’s Go Lakers! Beat The Heat!


>ESPN Interview: Phil Jackson

>ESPN released  another interview this time with Hannah Storm and Phil Jackson. It appeared on Sportscenter today.

Phil Jackson sits down with Hannah Storm and discusses Lakers pursuit of a three-peat, the Heat and Celtics.

Kobe’s ESPN Interview {Click Here}