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>Petition For Vin Scully To Call World Series


A couple days ago, Yahoo! had an article about a petition to have Vin Scully announce the World Series this season.

To:  Fox Corporation 

Vin Scully, the greatest baseball announcer of all time has not called a World Series Game on Television since Game 5 of the 1988 World Series when his Dodgers defeated the Mighty A’s. As his career comes closer to an end, I feel that this great man and broadcaster needs to have one more chance to shine when the stage shines the brightest, The World Series. Join me in this push to have him get one more chance to crown a World Champion in the way it should always be done, with class, diginity and honor, the way he has done it for over 60 years. 

The Undersigned

Who knows if this will happen but it’s a great idea. Sure there’s one way this could happen and that’s if the Dodgers somehow make it to the World Series. I don’t think that will happen this year though.

 As of right now there are 2650 signatures for the petition. You can sign the petition by clicking here.


>Vin Scully To Join Radio Broadcast For Opening Day


Since ESPN had the Dodgers change their opening day in order to broadcast it, Vin Scully was no longer needed. {Link}

Vin Scully has nevered missed an Opening Day in Los Angeles. He will play a role in the KABC radio broadcast on March 31. No word yet on which innings Scully will be calling.

I’m just glad that there will be a place to listen Vin Scully.


>Happy 83rd Birthday Vin Scully


Today is Vince Scully’s 83rd Birthday.

He started broadcasting for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1950 and later moved to Los Angeles with them team in 1958. He announced earlier this year that he will return for the 2011 season, his 62nd year with the Dodgers.

He’s one of the best broadcasters of all time.